Product Defects

Injured by a defective product?

If you’re injured by a defective product, YOU NEED A LAWYER.

Why do you need a lawyer if I’ve been injured by a defective product?

You need a lawyer because product defect lawsuits are often brought against the largest and most powerful corporations in the world. The resources at the disposal of the product manufacturers and distributors allow those companies to defend claims of product liability in a manner that often can overcome the individual unrepresented claimant. A lawyer, like the products liability lawyers at MORE 2 YOU LAW, PC, can be both your shield and sword against the behemoth corporate defendants and help ensure you get the COMPENSATION YOU DESERVE.

What is a defective product?

A product is deemed defective under the law if the product was defectively designed, defectively manufactured, or defectively marketed – such in instances where there is a failure to warn potential users of the nonobvious dangers posed by use of the product. A design defect is based on how the product was created or designed to be used. A manufacturing defect is based on how the product was made or manufactured according to its design. A marketing defect is based on how the product was marketed, for example towards children or without adequate warnings as discussed above.

Who can I sue for my injuries caused by a defective product?

a. Surprisingly, any party in the stream of commerce, or chain of distribution, can be held liable for a defective product. Therefore, you can bring a lawsuit against the designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or any other party involved in the stream of commerce of the defective product.

Who can sue for injuries caused by a defective product?

Generally speaking, any person who is a foreseeable user of the defective product who is injured by the defective product has a right to bring suit for the injuries caused by the defective product. Additionally, should the defective product kill the victim, the victim’s surviving family members most often have a right to sue over the death caused by the defective product.

See the Wrongful Death Practice Area section of this website for further information on Wrongful Death Actions.

What defective products are currently the topic of lawsuits or litigation?

Unfortunately, new products are made the topic of lawsuits on an all too frequent basis. Often, product designers, manufacturers and sellers know, or should have known, of the likelihood of injury to foreseeable users of the defective product but fail to adequately warn consumers of the potential dangers.

Some defective products that are the topic of current lawsuits or litigation include:

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Baby Formula

Baby formula lawsuits alleging that preterm or premature babies who were fed Enfamil or Similac baby formula while in neonatal intensive care units are at a statistically significant increased risk for developing NEC (Necrotizing Entercolitis).


EzriCare Artificial Tears lawsuits allege that the use of the EzriCare eye drops can cause an infection known as CRPA (Carbapenem Resistant Pseudomonas Aeruginosa) which has led to death and vision loss.

Hair relaxer

Hair relaxer lawsuits allege that people exposed to the chemicals in the hair relaxer products caused them to develop ovarian or uterine cancer.


Paraquat lawsuits allege that the use of the herbicide Paraquat leads to Parkinson’s disease. Many of the plaintiffs, or claimants, in the Paraquat lawsuits used or were exposed to the herbicide Paraquat in a commercial context.

Social Media

Social Media lawsuits allege that the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, Meta Platforms, Inc., has profited from exploiting children. The suits claim that Facebook and Instagram use algorithms intended to addict children and that the over-exposure to Facebook and Instagram has resulted in children and teenagers to engage in self-harm, develop eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, and formulate suicidal thoughts and ideas.

Talcum powder

Talcum powder or baby powder lawsuits allege that the product manufacturers failed to warn foreseeable users of talc or baby powder of the unreasonable risk of mesothelioma and ovarian cancer when women use the powder for personal hygiene. The specific talc products involved in these suits include Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder, Shower to Shower by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, and Baby Magic Baby Powder.

Takata Airbags

Takata airbag lawsuits have been filed alleging that the airbags can shoot deadly shrapnel upon inflation. The lawsuits claim that the company was aware of the defect in their product as early as the year 2000 but failed to take reasonable steps to protect the public from the dangers posed by the product and in fact manipulated data to cover-up the danger.


JUUL, vaping or e-cigarette lawsuits have been filed alleging that children under the age of 18 became addicted to nicotine as a result of using JUUL devices. The lawsuits claims that JUUL took advantage of the underage population through irresponsible marketing and product design practices.

One-Wheel Skateboard

One-Wheel skateboard lawsuits have been filed alleging that the product is defective in that the board stops suddenly, cutting off the balancing technology, and throwing the rider off the board causing serious injury and even death. Suits have been filed against the One-Wheel manufacturer, Future Motion.

Boppy Pillows

Boppy Pillow lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer, The Boppy Company, alleging that the Boppy Pillows caused their child to suffocate when they fell asleep and ended up in a position that restricted the child’s breathing. The characteristics of the Boppy Pillow, such as its being soft and pillowy, make it especially dangerous to the intended user

National Highway Safety Recalls

Have you had an experience with a vehicle, tire, car seat, or equipment safety problem that could potentially be a safety defect?

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